Luc Fremiot

Of Counsel

Luc FREMIOT works in his areas of expertise (general criminal and business law, corporate risk prevention) within the firm as well as on the strategy to be carried out on the various cases.

He also implements relevant sponsorship actions with corporate citizens on major social issues (awareness, price of contacts, conferences).

Finally, he participates in the communication of Ravet & Partners, in particular with the media.


General criminal and business law

Corporate risk prevention


Luc Frémiot specialized very early in criminal science.

A graduate of the National School of Magistrates, he served as an examining magistrate before moving to the prosecution.
In this context, three 
general attorneys have entrusted him with the functions of secretary general at the Hauts de France court of appeal.
Then appointed public prosecutor, he initiated a system to combat intra-family violence and participated in the drafting of various laws for the benefit of women victims of violence.
In his last tenure, he held the post of Advocate General before the Courts of Assizes of the Nord and Pas de Calais in connection with the major criminal cases of the Hauts de France.


D.E.A. in criminal sciences at the Faculty of Law of Lille.

National School of Magistracy.

DISTINCTION : Knight of the Order of Merit.


Author of “A Woman’s Revenge” novel based on a criminal case. April 2018. Michalon Publishing.

Author of “I let you judge” Essay. January 2014 . Michel Lafon editions.

Co-author of “Domestic violence and families” under the direction of Doctor Roland Coutanceau and Murielle Salmona. June 2016. Éditions Dunod.

Preface to the book “Domestic violence, never again” Testimony of Caroline Guesnier. May 2015. Other time editions.

Paris Academy of Medicine. “Treating the perpetrators to save the victims” Bull.Acad.Méd. 2010, 194 No.8.

“The multidisciplinary pilot experience of the public prosecutor’s office in Douai in matters of domestic violence” 2004. Law and Justice collection.

Publications, conferences and multiple participations in the media: Written press, radio stations, T.V.


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