In respect of laws and regulation of the Paris Bar Association, Ravet & Associés enters into a fee agreement with each client.

In order to ensure a perfect management, legal fees are determined with the client before the realization of the service, in a clear and predictable manner.

Concerned with assuring a total transparency regarding legal fees, the firm daily uses a software storing in real time the recording of accomplished service and time determined by each lawyer in each case.

Ravet & associés offers different kinds of invoices:

Time-based invoice: for complex cases, consulting, legal structures or procedures that do not enable a determination of the volume of tasks to realize before their performance, Ravet & associés offers a time-based fee agreement.
The rate per hour will be fixed in consideration of the difficulty of the case, financial and economic issues and the experience of the lawyer in charge.
Ravet & associés determines a monthly bill and addresses to its clients the justification of time records and services.

Fixed-price invoice: In cases when legal fees can be anticipated, a fixed price can be proposed to the client.
For its institutional clients notably banks, Ravet & associés proposes specific fee agreements.

A complementary invoicing in function of the result: this fee can only be complementary to a time-based fee agreement or a fixed fee agreement.

Ravet & associés also establishes partnership with its clients on the basis of permanent assistance.


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