Dispute resolutionPractices

RAVET is renowned for its complex dispute resolution’s expertise, from alternative modes of conflicts’ resolution to civil litigation. 

With this knowledge of the legal world, our team endeavour to understand our client’s needs. Every case and every client being unique, RAVET and you will draw together the strategy best suited to your objectives.

RAVET implements the interim measures necessary for the protection of your legal rights until the complete enforcement of the courts’ decisions.

  • alternative modes of solving conflicts
  • participatory procedure
  • legal strategy
  • complex matters
  • commercial dispute
  • Interim measures and enforcement proceedings


Mission 01

Assisting companies and their managers with their commercial disputes (breach of contract, breach of negotiations, restrictive practices and dominant positions, managers’ liability).

Mission 02

Assisting private persons with the management of complex real estates disputes (inheritance, joint possession).

Mission 03

Assisting companies with the drafting, the negotiation and the litigations related to commercial leases.