With its multi-disciplinary, available and responsive team, RAVET & Partners team assists its clients in the setup and enforcement of mechanisms for security trust or management trust through its subsidiary FIDUCIAIRE de L’ORANGERIE.

  • Advising and drafting trust contracts and related deeds
  • Lawyer trustee
  • Trust engineering
  • Third party guardian


Mission 01

RAVET acts as counsel and drafter of the deed, to offer its clients the absolute command of issues in legal security and expertise, whilst respecting the economy of the envisaged operation;

Mission 02

RAVET acts as a trustee, via Fiduciaire de l’Orangerie, which is an affiliate of RAVET & Associés with a view to managing and administering the trust in accordance with the mission stipulated in the agreement and according to the purpose and intent of the trust;

Mission 03

RAVET acts as a third party guardian, in order to protect the constituent’s interests.