Bank / FinancePractices

RAVET is a law firm specialised in banking operations; the banking team at RAVET assists and represents banks and financial institutions, both as claimants and defendants.

RAVET operates all over France. 

  • Assistance to creditors and debts recovery
  • Financial institutions’ liability
  • Special matters
  • Legal compliance
  • Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (A.P.R.) litigation
  • Interim measures and enforcement proceedings


Mission 01

Claim for payment against the principal debtor and their guarantor.  Interim measures to secure the debtor’s assets and/or their guarantor’s.

Mission 02

Assisting banking institutions during insolvency proceedings (claim declaration, designation as the creditors’ representative, protecting the creditor’s claims in case of transfer of the assets of the debtor company etc.)

Mission 03

Assistance (advice and/or representation) of banking institutions regarding Annual Percentage Rate of Charge, loans, liability of the credit provider, the investment services provider, regarding pricing, banking secrecy,  direct and distance selling in the banking and finance sector, Account administration…

Mission 04

Assistance (advice and/or representation) of banking institutions, pursuing creditors registered and acting in procedures of seizure of immovable everywhere in France.

Mission 05

Validation of promotional emailing and advertising, customers or service providers contracts, compliance with internal control procedures, drafting security instruments, etc.

Mission 06

Assistance (advice and/or representation) of banking institutions dealing with l’ACPR, the AMF, the CNIL and the  DGCCRF