Corporate and commercial

RAVET offers multidisciplinary expertise in order to assist businesses and their directors with their strategic and daily’s operations. 

  • Accompanying firm leader
  • Start-up and fundraising
  • M&A, corporate law
  • Operations related to business and commercial leases
  • Business contracts
  • Property transactions

Rescue law and insolvency proceedings

RAVET specialises in insolvency proceedings, assisting creditors and their representatives (“mandataires judiciaires”), supporting potential buyers and debtors acting in good faith.

  • Assistance to creditors
  • Business takeovers, backing strategies
  • Prevention and turnaround management
  • Insolvency proceedings


 Mission 01

Assistance (advice and/or representation) of buyers or creditors of companies facing difficulties (prevention of business difficulties – ad hoc mandate and the conciliation procedure – or Insolvency proceedings – safeguard, receivership, liquidation).


Mission 02

Assistance (advice and/or representation) of debtors subject to prevention of business difficulties or insolvency proceedings.

Mission 03

Assistance (advice and/or representation) of companies regarding their external growth transactions (Mergers and Acquisitions, restructuration, fundraising…)

Mission 04

Assistance (advice and/or representation) of companies in their day-to-day activity (Secretariat – legal engineering / contracts)